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Roof cleaning in Cardiff

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

A trip to wales for a full house and garage roof scrape and treat.

The customers roof was covered by trees and didn't see allot of sunlight so the moss was heavy.

Jair spent most of his morning removing moss from the main roof while Zach started work on the garage.

The main roof was so overgrown you could call it an alpine garden!

This didn't stop the team getting the whole house manually scraped and treated, all in a days work.

Once the treatment was applied you could see the years role back as the original red of the tile started to show for the first time in decades.

The house and garage was given a full gutter clear and water fed pole window clean with spot free water.

We left the customer with a big smile on their face as they had not seen the original tile color in many years.


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