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Amazing results while being kind on your render.

Soft washing gives amazing results while being kind on your render. Algae, mould, dirt and grime build up are all removed and leave most renders looking like new. 

"So very pleased to have found this company. From the onset - meeting Zach to the team arriving to complete the work - professional. Pleasant and efficient. Rendering looks great now all algae removed. Highly recommend and will be happy to use in future. Huge thanks :)"

- Allison Elliott, Google

Stag Softwash, Exterior Cleaning

Pressure washing is an ineffective option, at best it doesn't kill the organic build up, and at worst can erode and damage the surface of your render. 

Stag Softwash have the experience and equipment to safely and effectively clean render surfaces. Regular softwash cleaning can help maintain the appearance and value of your building while extending the life of the render.


Render looks great when it's new!  Unfortunately, it is prone to mould and algae growth or staining from leaking downpipes. 

Leaving these organisms is damaging to your render in the long run but unsightly “streaks” are quickly removed with a single softwash treatment leaving most render looking like new!

Not only does softwashing kill off the growth on the surface of your render, it gets deep down inside and kills off the spores.   This means you are streak free for longer.

Contact us a call for a free, no obligation quotation.

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